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Individual Treatment for SM

Kids' Paintings

What does treatment look like?

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for SM (PCIT-SM):

Parent-child interaction therapy for selective mutism (PCIT-SM) is an adaptation of parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT), an evidence-based practice for helping parents learn effective strategies for engaging with their children who have behavioral problems. PCIT and PCIT-SM use positive reinforcement to target desired behaviors (e.g., labeled praises, reflection, behavioral descriptions, and enthusiasm). With PCIT-SM, these skills are targeted toward speaking behaviors. The behavioral principles of PCIT-SM are also intended to address and interrupt the cycle of avoidant behaviors, which is currently maintained by negative reinforcement (e.g., rescuing). The goal of PCIT-SM is to create a positive cycle of talking. Typically individual services are provided for for children 9 years of age and older. 


What to expect:    

  • A minimum of 7 sessions consisting of weekly 1 or 2 hour appointments, depending on session goals.

    • Child Directed Interaction (CDI) Skills Teach​

    • CDI Coach Session

    • Verbal Directed Interaction (VDI) Skills Teach

    • Fade-in Sessions

      • Treatment includes fading-in 3 "strangers"

    • Exposure Session

  • Live parent coaching 

  • Teach parents skills that will help build confidence and comfort for their child when in speaking situations.

  • Exposures in clinic setting

  • Weekly homework for families

Kid's Drawing


We accept SoonerCare & many private insurances 

If you have private insurance, please contact your insurance provider and inquire about the billing codes below.  Some insurance companies will only cover certain codes, so it can be helpful for families to know upfront what their insurance will cover prior to beginning services.


  • 90791 - Psychological Diagnostic Exam

  • 96136 - Psych or neuropsych testing administration and                   scoring (first 30 minutes)

  • 96137 - Psych or neuropsych testing administration and                   scoring (each additional 30 minutes)

  • 96130 - Psych testing evaluation with interpretation, report              writing, & feedback (first hour)

  • 96131 - Psych testing evaluation with interpretation, report              writing, & feedback ( each additional hour)


  • 90846 - Family Psychotherapy without child (50 min)

  • 90847 - Family Psychotherapy with child (50 min)

  • 90837 - Individual Psychotherapy with child (60 min)

  • 90785 - Interactive complexity

  • 90853 - Group psychotherapy

Looking for Services?

Complete and submit a referral to to be placed on our waitlist.

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