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MMK-OKC 2024

4 AND 8

LEAD-INS will be scheduled between
July 13-
16, 2024

CAMP is scheduled for July 18-22, 2024

Image by Ramin Talebi

During this 5-day intensive group treatment program, we recreate a classroom setting and build treatment components into the day targeting symptoms of selective mutism and anxiety. Our goal is to make MMK-OKC as similar to regular school as possible because many children struggle the most in school. Equally important, we also provide exciting activities and Brave Buddy counselors that make summer camp fun! Parent participation is vital in helping children with selective mutism. Therefore, camp will include aspects of training for parents for approximately three hours a day. Parents will also have the opportunity to participate in exposure activities.

MMK-OKC is designed to give children hundreds of “guided exposures” with trained staff (including licensed counselors and child psychologists) and volunteers to help them speak while doing activities specifically created to facilitate speaking. Activities are paired with rewards and prizes to encourage “brave talking” from the children. 

The immersion-based camp is unique in that in just a few days, children have thousands of guided opportunities to speak in a safe and supportive environment. Children are involved in simulations of real-life experiences in the classroom, at the doctor’s office, and in public or with family. For example, physicians donate their time to practice what takes place during a doctor’s visit for a child to become comfortable speaking during medical exams and with adults. These opportunities and the environment in which they take place are often the catalyst for children to speak – they are in a group of children just like themselves who are struggling with the same thing.

While their children are involved in fun, but targeted activities, the parents receive mutual support from other parents, learn skills to use every day, have opportunities to speak with medical professionals about their children and their struggles, as well as practice support skills designed to help their children build on the progress made during the week. One important benefit of the time parents spend together is the relationships they form with other parents going through the same struggles and with the parents who have children who are now speaking and strengthening their skills. Both the children and their parents form important friendships with those attending the camps – most importantly, the children and parents realize that they are not alone on the journey to conquer SM.

Camp Structure for Campers

For five days children are involved in real-life simulations from 9:00am - 2:00pm.  Each child is paired with a "brave buddy" who supports them in each challenge they take on.  Campers not only face new activities each day but are also given opportunities to "brave talk" in group settings, with adults, and with peers.  

Typical Camp Activities:

  • Structured school activities

    • Morning warm-up (i.e., free play)
    • Circle time

    • Story time

    • Crafts

    • Lunch

    • Show-and-tell​

    • Field Day

  • Doctor visit

  • Birthday celebration

  • Public exposures

    • Ordering a food item

    • Making jewelry

    • Grocery store simulation

    • Zoo day

Camp Structure for Parents

Parents will participate in parent training for the first four days of camp from 9:30am - 12:00pm.  Further, parents will be given the opportunity to lead their child in at least one planned exposure (i.e., ordering an item) with the support of their child's brave buddy.  

Parent Training Topics:

  • What is selective mutism

  • Child Directed Interaction (CDI) skills

  • Verbally Directed Interaction (VDI) skills

  • ​​Exposure lifestyle 

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

  • Medical consult

  • Parent support


We love helping children find their brave voice! In order to sustain our services, we ask families make a $1000 donation to Children’s Hospital Foundation. Most specialized camps for children with selective mutism charge $3000 for camp, plus additional charges for intake sessions, assessment, and lead-in appointments. It is common for many families to spend thousands of dollars on treatment, so we are delighted to offer camp and training for families at a reduced amount.

What's included:

  • All two hour lead-in sessions

  • Five day camp program

  • Four day parent training and coaching

  • Post camp follow-up call to discuss next steps

Donations can be made to:

For credit card:

Go to and in the “Designation” dropdown, select Selective Mutism Program.

For check:

OU Child Study Study Center
1100 NE 13th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Attention: Shawna Standiford​

*Checks should be made out to Children’s Hospital Foundation with “SM program” in the memo line

Where Have Campers Come From?

MMK-OKC has not only provided services to families all over Oklahoma, but also to surrounding sates as well as Hong Kong, China.  Our mission is to continue to serve families from our state and those in surrounding states that have a gap in intensive SM services.  

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