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Headshot_Funderburk 2019 .jpg

Beverly Funderburk

  • My favorite food is pizza

  • Fun fact: I've had 7 different types of animals 

  • I am most looking forward to the sno cone activity and all of the fun snacks during camp week. 


Mighty Mouth Kids

Our Brave Buddy Counselors are so excited to meet you & are looking forward to having fun with you at camp! Here you can get to know your Brave Buddies a little bit more. They've shared one of their favorite things, a fun fact, and what they are looking forward to the most at camp.


Shawna Standiford

  • My favorite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid & The Lion King 

  • Fun fact: I do improv

  • I am most looking forward to all of the fun activities we have planned for camp and the Science Museum!

Tabitha Fleming.jpeg

Tabitha Fleming

  • My favorite Disney movie is Frozen. I LOVE dinosaurs!

  • Fun fact: I have a dog.

  • I'm most looking forward to seeing all of the campers get stickers for being so brave!

lucia-ciciolla-headshot 2022.jpeg

Lucia Ciciolla

  • My favorite thing to do is make pizza with friends

  • Fun fact: I speak Italian

  • I am most looking forward to all the treats at camp

Mona Ryan.jpg

Mona Ryan

  • I love making candy and banana bread to share with people

  • Fun fact: I am a “dual” graduate – undergrad from OSU and masters from OUHSC!  Our twins both graduated from OSU.  Our son got his masters at OSU and daughter's nursing degree from at OU!  

  •  I enjoy being a resource for our awesome camp parents!  My favorite day is Zoo Day!

Kristin Calvert.png

Kristin Calvert

  • Favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse. Favorite color is blue and I love Mexican food.

  • Fun fact: I like antique collecting and I'm learning to play golf.

  • I am looking forward to helping kiddos and learning new things myself!

Lauren Riley.jpg

Lauren Riley

  • I love to play video games - Super Mario and Pokémon are my favorites!

  • Fun Fact: My dog's name is Luna and she is a "rat-doodle". She is a mix between a rat terrier and a toy poodle!

  •  I am excited to make new friends at camp and to help our campers succeed in reaching their goals.

Ashley Quigley.jpeg

Ashley Quigley

  • My favorite sport is softball and my favorite Disney character is Olaf 

  • Fun Fact: I can play the drums and the guitar 

  • I am most looking forward to getting to meet and make new friends

Zsofi Cohen_Picture.webp

Zsofi Cohen

  • My favorite musician is Taylor Swift.

  • Fun fact: I have two cats and a dog.

  • I am most looking forward to exploring the science museum.

Megan Kozak_Picture.JPG

Megan Kozak

  • I love to go on long walks and runs!

  • Fun fact: I know how to scuba dive.

  • I am most looking forward to meeting all of the campers!

Caitlin Bullard_Picture.jpg

Caitlin Bullard

  • Some of my favorite things to do are swim and bake!

  • Fun fact: I have been stuck on two rollercoasters. 

  • I am most looking forward to meeting the campers and having a great time!

Elizabeth Hinckley.jpg

Elizabeth Hinckley

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip and my favorite colors are light blue and pink!

  • Fun Fact: I have two cats - Leo and Luna 

  • What I am most looking forward to about camp is meeting all the amazing CAMPERS!!

Colton Parker.jpeg

Colton Parker

  • I love to play pickleball.

  • Fun fact: I can sing.

  • I'm most excited about having fun conversations!

Gabe Cochran_Picture.jpeg

Gabe Cochran

  • My favorite concernt I've been to is Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

  • Fun fact: I know how to make stained glass art.

  • I am most looking forward to making new friends!  

Kate Hein_Picture.jpg

Kate Hein

  • My favorite summer activity is swimming.

  • Fun Fact: I have a cat who has thumbs!

  • I am looking forward to going to the science museum for the first time with campers.

Dantel Eason_Picture.png

Dantel Eason

  • My favorite sport is show-jumping (horses).

  • Fun Fact: I cage-dove with great white sharks.

  •  I am most looking forward to meeting all the children and doing fun things!

Phoenyx Baker-Blount.jpeg

Phoenyx Baker-Blount

  • I love reading!

  • Fun Fact: My full name is 26 letters long!

  • I'm most excited about the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other professions and with kiddos who have selective mutism since it has been an interest of mine!

Linsey Alexander Phillips.jpg

Linsey Alexander

  • I love hiking and being outside! I have a two-year-old golden retriever who loves to go anywhere, and we go on a lot of adventures together.

  • Fun Fact: I have 42 houseplants. The office in my house basically looks like a jungle.

  • I am really excited to make some great memories at camp.

Cameron Conrad_Picture.PNG

Cameron Conrad

  • My favorite Disney character is Pluto. My favorite color is black. My favorite sport is softball.

  • Fun fact: I played softball for 18 years and i can now lick my elbow due to bad shoulders.

  • I am looking forward to seeing campers grow as individuals!

Logan Folger_Picture.jpeg

Logan Folger

  • I really like the Korean boyband, BTS.

  • Fun Fact: I can play the violin.

  • I have worked as a camp counselor for various camps for 8 summers, so I look forward to working with kids again and learning some clinical skills along the way!

Gabriella Atencio.jpg

Gabriella Atencio

  • My favorite color is light pink, and my all time favorite food is pho!

  • Fun fact: I can eat four bowls of pasta at Olive Garden during their Never Ending Pasta Bowl special.

  • I am looking forward to being at camp for a second time this year, and so excited to have fun with all of the campers!

Courtney Cooper_Picture.png

Courtney Cooper

  • My favorite sport to play is softball and my favorite color is blue.

  • Fun Fact: I grew up on a farm with lots of cows.

  • I'm most looking forward to seeing the progress each child makes throughout camp.

Irma Lopez_Picture.jpeg

Irma Lopez

  • I love spending time with family and friends!

  • Fun fact: I have 30 cousins!

  • I am most excited about learning from everyone at camp! I know it will be so much fun and I am really looking forward to it.


Devin Barlaan

  • Coming soon

Kelley Clayton_Picture.jpeg

Kelley Clayton

  • My favorite Disney character is Mulan. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is spaghetti.

  • Fun fact: I have a cute little puppy named Joey. 

  • I am most excited about meeting new people and making new friends at camp.

Allison Jamrok_Picture.jpg

Allison Jamrok

  • My favorite animal is an elephant! Over the summer I got to go to Thailand and take care of them for a day!

  • Fun fact: I was a second grade teacher for four years.

  • I am looking forward to working with a new population and expanding my clinical knowledge.

Kayla Wagler_Picture.jpg

Kayla Wagler

  • In my free time, I enjoy baking painting, and crocheting.

  • Fun fact: I have an identical twin sister.

  • I am most looking forward to watching kiddos grow and gain confidence.

Aliyah Nichols_Picture.png

Aliyah Nichols

  • My favorite color is pink.

  • Fun fact: I have never broken a bone.

  • At camp, I am looking most forward to meeting all the kiddos. As well as, expanding my clinical expertise in selective mutism.

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